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Leaving Microsoft

I’ve made a really hard decision of leaving Microsoft. Working at Microsoft has been an incredible experience and I have only great things to say. Here is a copy of the farewell email I sent out to my friends & peers at Microsoft –


Short version – I’m leaving Microsoft and will miss working with you, long version keep reading 🙂


Working at Microsoft was the most fun I’ve had till date at any company and I have to say that each day here has brought interesting challenges and learnings of all sorts. I count myself lucky and privileged to have worked and contributed to the Windows Azure team which without a doubt is the shining north star of the company. There is a lot that we have accomplished and a lot that I’m super excited looking into the future of Windows Azure –  You can bet that I will be cheering for all the accomplishments of the team from the sidelines.


The best part of it all has been getting to know and work with a lot of amazingly smart people. But it is time for me to step out and try something new that scares the day lights of me


Few interesting things I learned at Microsoft –

·         Never ask anyone how long they have worked for Microsoft unless you want to face plant – (especially if you haven’t crossed 10 years of service)

·         If you don’t have a Windows Phone, prepare yourself for a pep talk every elevator ride.

·         Never underestimate the influencing power you get from 1:1 lunch meetings.

·         You can learn a lot about a person by quickly scanning their Office space.

·         Before you get a patent, you will invent dozens of acronyms.

·         You can quickly tell the difference between a dev. and a PM by looking at their calendar, unless the ninja PowerPoint skills don’t give it away first.

·         Admin’s are your best friend. (Hi Robyn J)


Thanks for giving me the privilege of working with you and being part of this amazing company. Tomorrow is my last day, but you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or my personal email




I love coffee!