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Kinect can do for Microsoft what iPhone did for Apple!

After one broken lamp and some really sore legs, I declare Kinect as Microsoft’s iPhone!
Microsoft just unleashed a beast with Kinect in terms of technical excellence and mainstream consumer appeal, but the question to be asked is, does Microsoft clearly understand the potential of Kinect with everything else it does?
If Steve Ballmer’s recent quote on Windows 8 being “Microsoft’s riskiest bet” is any indication, I would imagine they very clearly do.
Kinect has the promise to induce its technology into new and existing devices just like iPhone did with the imageiPod touch, iPad, the new MacBook Air and Apple TV.
Microsoft excels at looking at the existing products, innovating them to the next level and building an extensible platform around them. Microsoft took what Nintendo did with the Wii and just fantastically outdid them unlike Sony who simply copied the Wii with the Move.
With the Kinect, Microsoft has mastered the art of facial & voice  recognition, motion sensing and intuitive gesture driven software development. And with Windows Azure they have cleared way for a full reset for the next generation of connected devices.
I predict we’ll see the ripple effects of these two key technologies not only in next iteration of Windows OS, Windows Phone, tablets but also in a whole new range of enterprise and consumer devices which uses its Embedded OS technology.
Who knows there might even be a “Microsoft TV” in the makings.


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