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Blogging is dead!

Blogging is officially dead and I’m announcing that with this blog post.


And just like that I decided to revive my old blogger account and port it over to WordPress over the weekend. No idea why, but it seemed like a good idea at that time J. So here I am, saw-ing the tree branch I’m sitting on.

So let me rephrase the catchy blog title to “Traditional blogging is an endangered species”, well in some of its current forms. Twitter and other micro-blogging sites has been a great medium for voicing opinions, sharing content, breaking news, syndicating content and blah and blah.

Agreed these micro-blogging tools do little when it comes to producing content comparable to traditional blogs, it is the marketplace for content producers and a huge sinkhole for meta-data. Without links to high value content there is little value in twitter, sure you could still tweet something like this.


It is a mutually beneficial relationship between content producers and consumers, without which the value proposition for twitter drops.


Micro-blogging sites has produced a new breed of bloggers, well “micro-bloggers” whose 140 character updates/tweets have a bigger/different impact than traditional bloggers, in terms of engaging an audience in meaningful conversations on their platform and syndicated networks.

This will and has been taking away a huge slice of blog audience in terms of “conversation”, “search”, “relevance” and “real-time” requirements. Blogging was never really the right product for those things to begin with. Traditional blogging will survive, but just not in the same form and shape we know today.


I love coffee!

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