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SharePoint Conference 2009!

Ok so, I am cautiously excited about SharePoint 2010 and definitely looking forward for the announcements at the SharePoint Conference 2009.  


Two of the new SharePoint 2010 features which caught my eye right away were:


1) Business Connectivity Services

This is Business Data Catalog the way it should have been with version 1. BCS now supports CRUD operations, yes, you heard it right. No more relying on 3rd party tools and worry about scalability of business apps with newer versions of SharePoint (Ok, I made that sound too easy!)

So new BCS features as per this post seems like:

  • Read and Write capability
  • Integrated Editor Environment into SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010
  • Integrated into Office 2010 Suite


2) Client Object Model API

Just as it sounds, this is a client side API for interacting with data on the SharePoint server using JavaScript, .NET code, or Silverlight.


Still not excited? Then how about this one?

SharePoint Server 2010 won’t support Internet Explorer 6 J


I’ll post the conference updates/announcement via twitter . See you all at the SharePoint Conference 2009!


*  Disclosure: Details in this post aren’t from any of the NDA materials or the actual software. You can find this info in the SharePoint 2010 sneak peak  


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