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RIApalooza was a Chicago based event focused on exploring the development of Rich Internet Applications which was held at the Illinois Technology Association between May 30-31, 2008.


RIA in the recent history has changed the IT industry’s outlook greatly from a designer’s role from just being a step in the lifecycle of the project instead leaning towards an iterative design based development paradigm. This is something we at Clarity Consulting recognized during some of our past design focused projects and been quite successful with adopting such a model.

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Getting back to RIApalooza, it turned out to be a well attended event…RIApalooza as marketed wasn’t quite as platform agnostic as I expected, there were too many demo’s based on Adobe’s Flex…Maybe I went in expecting to see a good mix of different implementation models.


Geoff Cubitt of Roundarch did a good session “How RIA Changes In Application Design” showcasing some Flex and Ajax based RIA’s and talked about the considerations to keep in mind when moving desktop applications to an RIA.


Josh Holmes who is a RIA Architect Evangelist with Microsoft and Michael Labriola of Digital Primates a Chicago-based Adobe Solution Partner came together for a “Best and Worst Practices Building a RIA” session which was a good Design 101 class for starters *cough* Developers.


Open Mic session went pretty well with some good questions from the crowd…Overall an event worth getting up on a Saturday morning for!


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